One of the joys of a holiday in France is the great food and wine its many regions boast. The Lot et Garonne is a region esteemed for its exceptional produce and culinary heritage click Cuisine of Lot and Garonne. Whether you enjoy browsing one of the local markets to buy your own ingredients, or visiting a country auberge, or one of the many brasserie’s and restaurants, the areas towns and villages possess, you will be delighted.

There is something special about sitting down with your family and friends to enjoy lunch or evening dinner, where you know the chef and waiters are knowledgable and take pride in what you are about to enjoy.

Often you will be sat outside with a view of the countryside or medieval town where traditions have been passed down the generation and you know what you are about to eat has been well rehearsed and likely famed the world over. Whether its just the colour and taste of a humble tomato in your salad or the creative use of prunes with your meat, you will marvel at the flavours. Then there is the cheese board with of course French bread followed by amazing deserts from the fruit, nuts and dairy produce the land is rich in.

Just as you finish juggling in your head what you want to eat, there is the wine list and whether to choose a bottle from one of the many local producers or one of the more illustrious names from the area of Duras, Bergerac, Cahors and of course Bordeaux which is not far away. And when you sit back after your taste bud bonanza with that feeling of contentment, then rather than reaching for a cognac, you’ll have the dilemma over whether you will finish off the occasion with an Armagnac or one of the many Eaux de vie this region For local wines

As you compare culinary experiences and discuss your courses, one thing that won’t need to debate is the value, its still possible to eat very well in the Lot et Garonne without having to take a deep breath when the waiter  brings the final bill.

Certainly you will take home some new dishes and recepies to keep your memories of the Lot et Garonne and perhaps share them with your friends as you may have done at the many night markets and Soiree Gourmande’s the area enjoys during the summer. If you haven’t discovered the evenings in the local square where the artisans and people come together to share their dinner then you have a treat in store. The closest events are in Salles and Gavaudan through the summer, but every village has a version of this tradition, a great way to enjoy the local food and culture and practice your French. click here for the Soiree Gourmande’s

And finally if you plan ahead, then booking an evening at La Balie with your own chef is an experience, especially if you have a big group or party and you want a special evening to show case the best the area can deliver without having to drive home.

To plan your holiday and enjoy the culinary delights of the Lot et Garonne, please click the link Paul at La Balie and we will be only to pleased to assist with your arrangements.