Surrounded  by the wine regions of Bergerac, Cahors and Bordeaux , the Lot et Garonne boasts gourmet orchards, sun drenched fields of legumes and is a real paradise for lovers of ” eating well “or just relaxing in the land that France forgot ? Much of what the region has to offer is organic or bio which is the term the French prefer! click here to read more Guide to local food

Just visiting the markets is an experience and pleasure to enchant you, as you soak up the intensity  with which the local growers and artisans purvey their produce, eager to explain in detail the heritage and provenance of their fair. It is like they are parting with their children when they pass the bag of plumbs, nuts, tomatoes or package of cheese or expertly made apple croustade!!

Key to a memorable holiday is the food you share together, my kids still rate their holidays by how well their taste buds were entertained. So having some of the best produce grown locally and most atmospheric markets makes for great memories. It’s the seriousness and passion with which the people here take their growing and production that will leave an impression!